HIL Recently provided LX & Video for Ministry of sound @ Eatons Hill Hotel. It was our first show rocking out on the ChamSys console platform proving to be extremely reliable, flexible and easy to deliver impact.  In looking at consoles on the market both price and feature set of the ChamSys range is one not to be looked over.  Coming from a MA background ChamSys software was easy to manipulate with only small changes in syntax required to complete complex tasks.


When it comes to a live show BLISS N ESO know how to get the crowed empowered by their music! HIL was there providing a lighting package for LD Nick Beachen. 

The band performed at Eatons Hill Hotel & The Night Quarter with both sell out shows a hit for everyone who was there. The rig included X1 beams, Storm strobes, 4 lights & our MDG hazer.  Thanks to all the crew that helped us achieve a great show!


Creative Productions asked Ash to head out on tour with AlterBridge, a strong guitar band from USA. With the supplied equipment list of ‘toys’, we designed a lighting rig that would feel at home in small venues and provide great impact in big venues.

This was Ash’s first experience using the GLP GT1 hybrid. His reaction? Wow! What a versatile light! It’s not often that you come across a fixture with has great intensity, optics and so much stuff packed inside. Our favourite look of the tour was the intro. The GT1s shot just above head height, with the animation wheel perfectly focused in a wide zoom in cyan. We added some strobe and blinder action to create the perfect scene for the band to walk on stage, with the audience rammed up and ready to go!


Ash headed out on tour with Northlane to promote their latest record. Northlane played a variety of venues, so we designed a system that could scale easily with elements that were part of a fly package. Northlane’s music is quite heavy, and the timing was all about the drops, break downs and tight guitar riffs.

Earlier in the year at Unify Festival, Northlane played the headline spot on opening night. We time-coded the media and lighting to ensure spot-on timing. With a floor package of magic blades, we created some dynamic looks that gave Northlane a unique look for the festival. All controlled by Grand MA2, for reliability every time!

The Amity Affliction

Amity Affliction headed out on tour in 2016, with Ash as their touring lighting designer. High Impact Lighting worked to a budget to create a rig filled with Sharpies, Strobes, Blinders and old school pars to create some dramatic looks and effects to supplement the music.

Pre-programing on our WYSIWYG suite with our Grand MA2 system ensured that each song was cue-perfect. Touring with the MA2 ensures easy fixture swaps when travelling from city to city. The artist gets the same-looking show each time, even if the lights are different!

High Impact Lighting loved the touring experience.