Citipointe album recording

High Impact Lighting has a long history of helping Citipointe Live to create dynamic backdrops for their album recordings. This time around there was no DVD recording, but we used additional lighting for some fantastic marketing photos and created a balanced production that matched the intensity of their new songs.

The LED screen was removed from the design, so we chose to go with a 9m-wide pod at the rear of the stage. It was filled with sharpies & 5K castors, and created a great backdrop.

The castors were limited to 30% draw, but as you can see from the photos they had more then enough grunt! Ash programmed 12 songs on the MA2, and operated cue-by-cue on the night. This rig also featured the Light Sky Hybrid moving light. With its wide prism, the beam catches the lenses of the camera to create some great photos.