Elevation album recording

Elevation Album recording

Elevation heard our good work at Citipointe Live, and asked us to be involved with their album recording. A site inspection confirmed that we were working in a challenging space, with an odd shape and limited rigging points available. The album was recorded at the end of a conference, so we needed to ensure the video screen could be used for a 16:9 display.

We created a U truss to cater to the rigging available, filling it up with Light Sky Spots, GLP X1, GLP X4 & our LED Pixel Bars. For the recording, the video and lighting were both triggered by timecode to our MA2 console. This ensured that the cues were spot-on, creating relatively easy operation on the night.

The media server captured an HDMI feed, which it could then overlay on top of the content and display the words for each song. High Impact Lighting worked closely with the client to ensure that, even though this was the biggest production ever in their venue, they didn’t need to worry about a thing!