Once again, High Impact Lighting was asked to supply rigging, lighting and video for the stage at New Years Day Foam Party. Artists such Timmy Trumpet, Brocklyn, AC Slater, Tyron Hapi and Will Sparks.

We worked hard to create the ‘biggest bang for the budget’ and pushed the event to a new level. IJS provided the audio, and they had recently purchased a trailer stage. Their stage became the base for our design. Not wanting to leave it there, we created a Global Truss ground support L & R for scrim and PA hang.

This gave the design width and allowed us to incorporate the foam machines on additional stage risers. The stage was decked out with an LED screen in the form of a Strips & DJ wall. Lighting was hung of the roof and pipes from the rear. Some of our fixtures used included GLP x1, SGM x 5 strobes, sharpies, auras, Co2, flame, confetti and more. The rig performed perfectly, operated from our MA2 system.