Christmas: our favourite time of the year J. It’s about the story of Christ being born, and Citipointe do a great job of telling it. High Impact Lighting worked closely with the event director to ensure many memorable moments for the audience. There was a scene with a squirrel walking across the stage with a fuel container, followed by our flame machine triggering a “fire”.

There was the opening song, with Jess standing in front of the LED screen at a angle, with LED balls in a nice glow and strings down below covered by our MDG low fog. And there was the time we lowered in a truss, creating a dramatic change in the shape of the balls, along with adding pixel bars and a chandelier for a duet on stage. It’s all about using the same rig to tell different stories. And having the lighting work in unison with the artists. That’s what Christmas concerts are like for High Impact Lighting!