SWB 2016

Secret Women’s Business … Well, maybe not so secret now, as we sat in on the whole thing. But what a fun conference! Prior planning is always the key to a successful event. At High Impact Lighting, we take this seriously and invest money every year into our Pre Vis systems. Using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), we were able to give our client a 3D preview of what the stage would look like, and make the tweaks they needed to create a winning idea. This design looked amazing in preview and just as good when it was all done!

Diamonds were the key feature at this conference, so we created an LED diamond, 2 stories high. We added an angled LED screen below and an LED screen frame around the whole stage. Then we filled the gaps with lighting and create a super-awesome stage. The angles worked, the content was fantastic and we made sure the operation was cue-perfect.